Branson Missouri 


The EMS ANGELS MC AUX ARCS was founded in Branson Missouri. Two years ago it started out as a dream and it became reality March 2013. It has been a long road however it was worth the hard work and time. The original 7 Angels help make this happen. The EMS Angels MC AUX ARCS rest in the hills of South West Missouri. We are proud to be the first EMS MC in the history of the state.

The primary goal of the EMS ANGELS MC AUX ARCS is to give back to the community. This could only be accomplished by the hard work of our members. Through charity work and positive outreach programs we will continue to promote the brotherhood and sisterhood of EMS providers through our love of owning and riding motorcycles; and to fulfill our commitment to the community by standing ready at all times to render medical care to the sick and injured regardless of race, color or creed.

We are a not for profit MC. We do not claim territory. However all members are part of the EMS profession. All participating activities sponsored by the EMS Angels MC AUX ARCS organization will always be lawful.